About Us


The Tennessee Obesity Taskforce (TOT) represents a broad-based, statewide coalition, which links scientists, clinicians, city planners, school officials, state agencies, policymakers, transportation experts, nutritionists, parents, and representatives of our most vulnerable populations. The taskforce works closely with the Tennessee Department of Health’s Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity Program.

Eat Well Play More represents Tennessee’s statewide nutrition and physical activity plan to reduce obesity and chronic disease in Tennessee by 2015. Eat Well, Play More Tennessee exists through the work of the Tennessee Obesity Taskforce's many partner organizations.

The Tennessee Obesity Taskforce was established in 2007 by a group of concerned individuals representing both state and local agencies from Tennessee who attended the Southern Obesity Summit.

Individuals and members of nearly 100 organizations joined forces and contributed long hours and numerous ideas to create Tennessee's first five-year comprehensive statewide nutrition and physical activity plan, Eat Well, Play More Tennessee.  Now, hundreds of organizations throughout Tennessee are working together to implement the plan.